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Int'l Ch Higgins
Int'l Ch Dagmar's At Your Service
"Higgins"  OFA Good - Cardiac Clear
April 19, 2004 ~ Sept 27, 2010
Owner: Andrea Demmons, Florida ~ USA          
Breeders: Don & Penny Mikeman & Kelley Viestenz
Sire: Ch Devon's Texas Treasure V Dagmar            Dam: Dagmar's Golden Image VKani
RETIRED FROM THE SHOW RING with many major reserves

WD - BOW - Judge Arlene Benko
9th point
now only needs majors
WD - BOW  - Judge Pete Dawkins
8th poin
WD - Judge Charles Olvis
7th point
WD - Dr Klaus Anselm
6th point
WD - Judge Pete Dawkins
2 pts / now at 5 pts
WD - Judge Charles Olvis
3rd point
WD - Judge Arlene Benko
2nd point
WD - BOW - Mr James E Noe
1st point
Breeder, Bill Stebbins        Dr Sophia Kaluzniacki
Breeder, Sandy Lady

Higgins is growing up....
Left: 1st Point won with Mommy
RIGHT: Here he's pictured winning a Specialty Major Reserve.

Higgins 1st RWD                                                                                     Higgins 1st point BOW

Although Higgins is in Florida and we will have a long distance relationship, we are in close contact about his beautiful upbringing as we hear e-mail brags on him pretty regularly...which brings great smiles to our faces & our hearts!  Andrea is a dream home for our baby, and we could ask for none finer.  Higgins will be dual trained in obedience and conformation just like his brother, Odin.  We realize the picture above looks as if he's not being trained, but actually, it's very hard to hold down a bed that weighs more than you.  Okay, that was silly, he's being trained to rest in between training sessions..is that better.  We look forward to wonderful news and seeing him shine in either ring.

We proudly present

(Higgins above practicing holding down furniture, a very important Great Dane job)
Nana thinks he will quickly be a certified FHDX
that's Furniture Holder Downer Excellent for those of you that aren't familiar with important titles.
We have several of Higgins' relatives that are MFHDX
that's Master Furniture Holder Downer Excellent's
Oh and we love Andrea too!  Thank you in your faith in us as your breeders.

Ch Devon's Texas Treasure V Dagmar

Ch Helisain's Monsieur
(Finnish Import)

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Dagmar's Golden Image

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