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Kids & Danes
parade of veterans ~ July 2003
featuring Int'l Ch Dagmar's Sohni Daze
presented by our son, Ross Wade
Ross & Dee Dee win BEST OF BREED
and a GROUP 3.  Beeville, TX April 2003

Jackson is now going to try his hand at handling the danes in the ring
Here he is with our Veteran "Dani"

Ross at 4 years old with Pinki who was almost 3
Ross & Jackson with our foundation girl, Sohni

The only real challenge we had when the kids were little and danes were already big
was keeping toddlers from accidentally falling over when a dane was in the same room.
Lots of baby gates kept things under control.  Jackson & Ross have known the breed
closest to my heart, their whole lives.  The kids have loved the dogs and done a little
play handling in the ring but for the most part they just love the dogs and the dogs love them.

Magnum & Pinki's Kids from 1999
left to right: Our Human Kids - Jackson & Ross
Jackson has Sabrina, Micah & Tiger Lily
Ross has Scooby & Ch Duncan
these pups are by Magnum & Pinki
Birthday Poem to my Puppies...
Before you were a twinkle in your mama's eye
Before you were the dream of a breeder's heart
I knew that golden would be your color
....true would be your spirit
....kind would be your barks
....loyal would be your hearts
....loving would just be your ways
Now has past a year since your birth
....You stand proud in your respective homes
....Your golden color shines in and out of the ring
....Your soft spirit and gentle barks and loving
hearts and all your special ways are seen by all
who know what a Great Dane is meant to be.
--Penny Mikeman--

Our children are an important part of how we rear our puppies & dogs.  They are hands on and help in every aspect of socialization for the entire litter, sire, dam and all our danes.  We believe it is important for dogs to respect children and children to respect dogs.
Here is my son, Ross who is 8 years old holding "Moose" while mama, Sabrina naps and the other 2 pups nurse.  And a few minutes later Jackson's leg makes a good pillow for momma while he holds "Gus" and the brindles chow down.
Magnum with Jackson & Ross
Magnum was 16 weeks
Jackson was almost 5
Ross was 3.

Jackson, Morgan with niece Charlee & Ross 1997

And here is Ross at age 4 stacking Pinki age 2 (1997). At first Pinki was like "who's this short person stacking me, then the professionalism in both Ross & Pinki shine through in picture 2.
I firmly believe that training for kids & dogs BOTH to be well acclimated to one another must be done at an early age.  I for one get totally annoyed at people who ALLOW their children to be frightened of dogs in general.  My dogs are gentle and when approached with kindness will return the gesture.

Then here we are staying home on Father's Day 2001:

Magnum gets Father's Day left overs and a special E-card from son, Armani.