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After reviewing your questionnaire answers and if we approve you; we will accept a deposit once puppies are on the ground.
Deposits hold your place in line not a specific puppy.
Deposits are non-refundable when purchase is cancelled by prospective buyer.
Deposits are refundable only if cancelled by breeder should the puppy not be available to leave our home due to health or injury or other circumstances.
All pets will be sold on LIMITED registration with MANDATORY SPAY/NEUTER contracts.
If you are not planning on spaying/neutering we will not sell you a dog.

Copy & Paste into an email and answer to the best of your ability. Send to dagmardanes@the-i.net
First please tell us how you came about finding Dagmar Danes (link from another website, google search, ad seen on-line)

1) Please provide your full Legal Name, Address, City & State & Phone #'s / emails where you can be reached.

2) Do you own your own home? Do you rent?

If you are in a rental please provide your landlord's name for verification that a Giant Breed dog will be allowed.

3) Why do you or your family want a Great Dane?

4) Who will be primarily responsible for the dog's care?

5) Does anyone in the household have allergies to dogs?

6) What is the potential owner's experience with training and obedience?
(describe training experiences/techniques both positive and negative).

7) How often is someone at home?

8) Will they have time to walk and play with the dog?

9.) What are the housing conditions the Dane will be provided in puppy hood through adulthood?

10) Do you have a fenced yard? Please attach picture.

11) What type of work do you do for a living? Typical work hours? Phone #'s (home) (work) I am not asking for your income, just the type of work and hours that your dog ends up being alone due to your job (I know we all have to work for a living).

         A. PERSONAL (2 PLEASE )



13) What has sparked your interest in the Great Dane breed?

14) Have you ever had a Great Dane before?
       If so how long did he/she live and what became of him or her?

15.) What was your previous breeder's name? e-mail? Website? Kennel Name

16) Are you seeking a show dog?
       If so what is your show experience (points, breeds etc)

17) Are you seeking a home companion (pet dane)?

18) What other pets do you currently have?
       a) past pets

       b.) what dog food(s) do you use or have used?

       c.) what types of regular heart worm preventative do you use for your dogs? cats?

       d.) what types of flea control products do you currently use?

19) How many people in your family and ages of any children?

20) How much time can & will you devote to your pet?

21) What will your Great Dane be doing while you are away at work all day?

22) Have you ever CRATE TRAINED any dog before?

23) Are you aware that the bigger the dog the bigger your expenses will be in feeding and medical expenses (esp emergency expenses)?
       What is your position on spaying or neutering?
        We highly recommend as a giant breed dog owner you purchase PET HEALTH INSURANCE. What is your position on this yearly expense?

24) Very important - will you agree that a Great Dane purchased from us will be spayed or neutered when purchased as a companion and not a show dog? This protects the integrity of our pedigrees that we have worked very hard to achieve.

25) How much research on Great Danes have you done or read?

26) Are you aware of potential health risks (BLOAT, HOD, HD, CANCER, CARDIO, vWD, Thyroid issues) in the breed?
         NOTE: Although we test for various ailments (HEART, EYES, THYROID, HIPS) with our various danes there IS always the possibility that your puppy or adult dog could come down with aforementioned ailment(s). Allow me reiterate health tested dogs can produce dogs with ailments just as easily as dogs which are not health tested.

27) What are your everyday plans for your great dane?
       A. OUTDOOR Guard Dog
       B. INDOOR Couch Potato
       D. companion

28) Please attach any photos of your fenced yard area, other pets and family interacting with pets.

29) If you decide and we decide to proceed in your acquiring a Great Dane from us at Dagmar by what means will you be picking up your puppy? Will you be traveling to our home (which is the most preferred way) or will you be flying your puppy home to you? In some instances we can make a road trip for you for the cost of fuel expenses when traveling is quite far but not far enough for an air flight.

30) Are you willing to sign a contract that states if for any reason you can no longer maintain your great dane that it will be returned to Dagmar at your expense with no cash refund obligation?

31) Have you ever sued or been sued in regards to the purchase/sale of a canine, equine, feline companion or show prospect or any other type animal before? If yes, please explain circumstances and outcome:

32) WE ALSO HAVE A CLAUSE IN OUR CONTRACT IN THE EVENT OF AN UNTIMELY DEATH OF THE BUYER THAT THE GREAT DANE WILL BE RETURNED TO DON & PENNY MIKEMAN, DAGMAR GREAT DANES unless other legal provisions have been stated in a legally binding last will and testament. What would be your feelings on this matter in respect to people currently in your life caring for a dane if something were to happen to you? Or do you have an intended person to place this dane with in the event you become incapacitate or pass away?
If so? Who? (please provide contact information for this individual or family).


Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Homes that do not answer these questions will not be considered. We are not obligated to sell anyone a puppy for any reason. Our commitment is to our dogs first and foremost.  Simply because someone may live in a $2M mansion does not automatically guarantee that they are a suitable home with a lifestyle that our dog will fit into. We have sold and or given away top show quality puppies to repeat Dagmar homes because of their proven track record for keeping our dogs as family members.  

Please note I have a background in investigation work and will be making thorough inquiries on information provided.  Upon approval as a prospective home you will be invited to our home to see the puppies and meet the entire Dagmar household. Approved homes will be invoiced for a deposit on the agreed asking price of the puppy. Puppy selections are generally made by breeder to best match a puppy's personality with the family he/she will go to. Occasionally, more than one puppy will have a similar personality and we may give approved homes the option of selection between similar puppies. ALL show marked harlequins are retained at Dagmar for a minimum of 16 weeks, other than this puppies may go to their designated homes after 2 sets of shots and 8 weeks old, or after ears have been cropped. Companion puppies are only cropped for homes committed to the process of ear taping. We find that the majority of companion only homes prefer the natural ear and this allows your puppy to come home to you sooner and under less stress.

Penny Mikeman
PUPPYMILLS & BACKYARD BREEDERS BEWARE: The contract contains a damage statement. It states a $5000 damage claim against each named individual who buys a companion on a spay / neuter  agreement and intentionally or accidentally breeds, or resells in tact the said dog or bitch for purpose of selling or otherwise placing puppies. Dagmar is taking a stand here and now against individuals who try to intentionally mislead us in their purchase of a Great Dane.  We also conduct criminal and general background checks of individuals we get that "gut" feeling about.  If you have any type of criminal record regarding cruelty to animals or children or dealing drugs please do not bother wasting our time.